Landscape Maintenance Tips for Winter in Minneapolis

Landscape Maintenance in Minneapolis for Winter Snow

Landscape Maintenance in Minneapolis, Twin Cities and Minnesota for Winter Snow

If you live in a cold winter climate area such as Minnesota, Wisconsin or Michigan, you need to protect your plants, trees, and shrubs from snow, ice, winds, and cold temperatures. In 2019 February, Minnesota, Minneapolis or Twin Cities made a record of snow accumulation such as 40 inches. Here are the landscape maintenance in Minneapolis, Twin Cities or Minnesota.

  • Remove snow from low branches, gently brush it from the trees instead of shaking limbs of the trees which may cause them to break
  • Salt for snow and ice can damage plants and trees, so draw water away from their roots of the plants and trees. Remove extra salt by flushing out the soil with plenty of water.

For more tips about landscape maintenance in Minneapolis for winter, ask one of your landscape contractors in Minneapolis or Minneapolis landscaping companies.